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Here are a few things that I was basically forced to make digital (so I'm posting them).

I've been busy doing the actual work and not putting anything online. Or maybe I just hate scanning...

figure illustration - fall 06 (micron pen)

I was going for some kind of ghoul dimension (like inside the containment unit from ghost busters).

illustration 2 - spring 07 (super sculpy, acrylic paint, super glue, mixed media, blah, blah...)

These are two characters from the ZAPM story. One is an orange guy, one of many in an army, who invade the forest and enslave these magical birds and put them in cages that float. Then... the birds are basically floating around this creepy forest and miriam is forced to fight them as well (but they turn good again once she smashes their floating cages). Most of the joints move on the orange guy (ignore the rope).


I'll post more later. Where's my free time?

- db
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Oh yes, typography class.

The assignment was to take a quote from our Ellen Lupton book and come up with the design for a postcard, using that quote.
I chose, "No job is too small." I immediately thought of connecting this quote with my morals of superheroism.

And this is what I came up with.

The final version of me... i mean... db cleaning the toilet. *shifty eyes* Has to be in this weird blue pantone color, not my choice, and the online version is a bit fuzzy (but the final won't be). I really like the original picture though. That's goin' on the myspace...

- db

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So for painting class, I decided to create an image of what that horse-transforming witch, from my comic, might look like.

Step #1 - Take a bunch of pictures of Marisa. Haha. (special thanks to her)

Step #2 - Photoshop her face into something scary and play around with the colors/lighting.

Step #3 - Devote your entire weekend to painting for your very first painting class (3 by 4 foot, acrylic on canvas).

Though I need to look into this more, I think I heard a story about witches of the olden days and how like, basically, they were ordinary women who had been banished to live alone in the forest. For whatever reason, they had done something wrong and were sent to live alone. So, they eventually either went insane or started talking to the animals of the forest (out of pure boredom). Then people would freak out and start calling them witches, so they'd invite them back to town so that they could be burned.

So, my idea is a modern spin on that concept where this lady has locked herself up in her apartment and has basically just become this secluded dark force... or something. I'm still working all the kinks out but she turns into a horse. ^-^ Because... horses creep me out. :(

I haven't decided if the image is my final vision of her, or if this painting just represents one person's interpretation of what she might look like. Say, 5 or 6 people claim to have once seen her... so i'll do a painting for each of those eye witness accounts (and they'll all be slightly, or drastically, different). Not sure if I'm ready to go back to that idea just yet though.


- db
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I'm Patrick.

The End.

Like, what? What does that mean? Okay, I'll tell you. Sit down. You're ready.

Alright, I basically just need to say that I don't even know who I am sometimes. But I like it. It's like I was given this freedom, to be whoever I want, and I'm allowed to just sit here and discover what I can do with this. With who I am. I'm allowed to use my imagination and create like, whatever I want. And it's gonna be good.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not sounding all conceited like, "Hey, I'm gonna be great!". But why not? I mean, why be here if you're not going to do something awesome? Do you really think that you were just placed on this earth to sit here and take up space? I mean, are you filler? Are you part of some sort of background while the real people are out doing what needs to be done? Are you seriously just part of their story? I mean, no. You're not. I mean, maybe you are. I don't know… But I know I'm not.

I'm gonna do stuff, I'm gonna do what I like, I'm gonna keep doing it, and as long as I feel confident in the fact that I'm doing the right thing and making the right decisions, then no one is going to stop me. What is it that you think about every day? Go do that. Go do it, go get it done, go be happy. Go fight ninjas in space and lay eggs.


And I'd just like to say that I thought about how much information is on the internet about me. I mean, I have a myspace, I have a facebook, and I have this blog. That lists my school, my major, what classes I'm taking, blah, blah, blah... everything. If you wanted to kill me, I guarantee that you could probably find a way to. You could find me, smack me in the head with a giant shovel, and I pretty much asked for it. But whatever.

I don't plan on that happening, it's just that I was thinking about how many people could have read up on me, and I'd never really know. Ya, know?

And I didn't go see Bruce Campbell the other day. If I haven't already told you, then you probably don't know that I came very close to finishing his plush. I mean, I don't like that word... Why do I say it? It's a stuffed animal.

But whatever you want to call it, it wasn't up to par. I could do so much better, the material was not what I had originally planned on. It was difficult to find the right fleshy tone in fleece and I didn't want his first impression of me to be this like, creepy tired boy with a scary frankensteinish doll. So I stopped and went back to school.

Yea, I mean… for only having started less than a week ago, it's awesome. I bought the material, I made the patterns, cut out everything, and sewed it. I just knew that if I had more time to do it, then it would have been better. I plan on buying white fleece from now on, and just dying it the appropriate color(s).

Bruce is cool and so too should be his stuffed animal. He was so friggin' hot in Brisco County Jr. and like, I didn't want to be just another person being all, "Can you sign my book?" *picks his nose and waves around a light saber with the other hand*

- db

And ps - Janelle, I know you said that It wasn't a big deal, but hitting momo's head on that grill on your back porch made me feel really awful. :(

I sware that I'll never pick up your freshly-bathed puppy, that fast, ever again. Too much coffee for me...


Maybe she needs a new chew toy?

(Bruce, minus a belt, hair, a watch, straps all over his chest, tears in his shirt, shoelaces, shotgun w/holster, and more detail on the chainsaw. (approx. 12 inches tall)
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So i've spent a lot of my recent time planning out ideas for my next comic (trying to find just the right combination of random ideas to create an original and fun story). I am excited (as always). Continue to hear me blah, blah, blah about it until it's actually finished.

Until then, i'd like to update you on the fact that i will be working at KUAT and that is awesome (i feel very privileged). Getting awesome experience and being paid for it is just such a good feeling... i think i might cry (no, really). I love life and nobody is ever going to keep me down.

God... i need a boyfriend.

So! Oh my gosh... i got the spice girls dolls in the mail and if you were in any of my classes today, then you're probably thinking, "Yea, i know that already... you brought them to class and put on a little show." Yes I did. *shakes a doll at you*

In other news, i find that searching youtube is an amazing tool for the mind (it gives me so many great ideas). The only problem is balancing the habit of searching for ideas, and actually doing them. So since i'm always on my computer in class, instead of surfing myspace or watching cheesy japanese live-action, I have started to draw robots using illustrator. Granted, i should purchase a tablet for my mac, i do enjoy using the little finger pad to do everything.

Here is some quick robot fun.


- db
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Hey there. I know it's been a while since i've updated... so shame on me. I've been doing other things, what with school starting up again and all, but that's no excuse.

It's time to start working hardcore and to that max. *power flex*

Though i don't want to give away too much about my new comic before it's actually finished, I will say that...

I've been playing around with the idea of nucleur family/retro women and... robots.

The robots and backgrounds being in color (watercolor)...

And the women in a more realistic style (grey tones for the ladies).

I've realized that i can actually draw those faces pretty fast... so if i take the time and slow down, then they should come out looking pretty good (listen to me). I'm getting ahead of myself...

That's one of many ideas that i'm sort of playing around with at the moment (so we'll see).

But now it's time for bed. I'm very sick and sinus gross... *sniff*

Go do something fun.

- db
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I've decided to make stuffed animals based on my comic. It's not that i look forward to all that work... but making mr. pillowhead todd was so rewarding that i just want to do it all again.

I've been meaning to turn one of my own characters into a plush for quite sometime now. So what better choice than to make the main character from my comic and the disco chainsaw man? *claps* And maybe some pandas on stilts too! Yay!

Time to buy a sewing machine and choose a color scheme.

Stay tuned.

- db

ps - I changed my blog so now anyone can make comments (i thought i already had that setting... but apparently not). O_o
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Hey everyone. I know it's been a while since i've updated my blog. But omg i have been busy...

I've decided that most of my ideas are short stories, so i'm going to eventually put them together and create one giant world where they all exist in the same solar system. Then they'll join forces and have to fight one giant evil or something... But they'll need the star map.

So for now, here's my comic (my very first comic). It's just one small story in a giant map of stars.

This one is a Disco Chainsaw.


cover (front and back)

page 1





page 6

page 7

page 8

So yea. That's my comic. *explodes*

I can sew...

David Allan's Pillowhead Todd character

I can make movies...

Zombie Annihilator Princess Miriam

...and now i can do comics. ^_^

BAM! Happy Birthday to me.

Take that VISCOM.

- db

and p.s. -
Let me know if you'd like a copy (send me your address). I'll run down and kinko up some more. dotdanger@gmail.com